Monsters of Metal

All Ages
Saturday, April 13
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$15 to $35 / Day Of Show : $22
“Eyes of the Nile” is an Iron Maiden tribute band that’s gaining immense praise for their performances. Fans are blown away by their accuracy and energy, often claiming they prefer Eyes of the Nile over witnessing the real Iron Maiden. They’re commended for playing Iron Maiden’s music note for note and delivering an experience so authentic that it’s likened to attending a classic Maiden show. The band replicates every detail, from drum accents to guitar harmonies, with an intense passion reminiscent of Iron Maiden’s glory days.

Fans rave about the commitment and accuracy in vocals, comparing them to Dickinson’s style and praising their stage presence. The band believes Iron Maiden is the greatest metal band and strives to recreate their vibe in small venues, offering an experience akin to having the band perform right in front of you. Their shows promise to take audiences back to Iron Maiden’s peak era, playing hits and surprising fans with deep cuts. If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, an Eyes of the Nile show is highly recommended for its authenticity and nostalgic journey through Maiden’s music history.


For Those About to Rock – AC/DC Tribute 8pm – 8:45pm

Poisonous Crue – Motley Crue Tribute 9pm – 9:45pm
Eyes of the Nile – Iron Maiden Tribute 10pm – 11:30pm


Saturday, April 13th 

Ember Music Hall


Doors Open at 7pm | Show Starts at 8pm 
This show is all ages , kids can attend if accompanied by a parent 
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