Dirtysnatcha – Breakaway Tour

Ages 18 and up
Thursday, June 27
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$15 to $75
Breakaway Tour
Thursday, June 27th
Doors open at 8pm

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Dirtysnatcha, born Tom Boon, is a prominent figure in the dubstep and bass music scene, hailing from the UK. Known for his hard-hitting beats and dynamic sound design, Dirtysnatcha has garnered a dedicated following with his innovative approach to electronic music. His tracks often blend elements of heavy bass, intricate rhythms, and explosive drops, creating a distinctive and energetic sound that resonates with fans worldwide.
Since his emergence in the mid-2010s, Dirtysnatcha has released a string of successful tracks and collaborations, earning spots on major music platforms and performing at renowned festivals. His ability to adapt and evolve his style while maintaining the core intensity of his music has cemented his place as a key player in the dubstep community. Beyond his music production, Dirtysnatcha is also known for his engaging live performances, where his passion and energy shine through, making him a favorite among bass music enthusiasts.
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