Com Truise

Ages 18 and up
Friday, July 26
Doors: 8:30pm // Show: 9pm
$20 to $100 / Day Of Show : $25
Com Truise
2024 DJ Sets
Friday, July 26th

Opening Sets By

Burl Faircloth | Sonder | Firzan
Born in New York in 1980, Com Truise gained prominence in the late 2000s with his dreamy, nostalgic melodies and pulsating synthesizers. His debut EP “Cyanide Sisters” (2010) and album “Galactic Melt” (2011) established his signature 80s-inspired sound. Com Truise’s music evokes imagery of neon-lit cityscapes and vintage sci-fi movies, appealing to fans of electronic and retro-futuristic music. His discography includes albums like “In Decay” (2012) and “Iteration” (2017), contributing to the resurgence of synthwave music. Com Truise is recognized for his captivating live performances, showcasing his textured soundscapes to audiences worldwide.
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