i2K Electronic Music Festival

VaporVA Presents: i2K Electronic Music Festival June 1st | 6pm-2amJoin us on a blast back to the past, and ride the wave to i2k electronic music festival. Do you remember past days of lounging by the pool on summer break eating a Spongebob popsicle? What about surfing the web and chatting with your friends on MySpace? i2k brings back the retro aesthetics of yesterday through immersive sound and VHS visuals culminating in an event the Richmond area has yet to behold. 18+The Lineup/////////////////////FM SKYLINEVAPERRORTRAPCRYWHITEWOODSSFERRO/MAKEUP & VANITY SETFRANKJAVCEEFAKE FEVERV4NGOEBE CAREFULHEAVEN SAMPLETHAT’S MATTYUNG SHIRO白(DJ set) With live visuals from Jumper Kimmons & VideodromeTV

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